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Installation Instructions
For Mototeck faceplates on the following:

2000-2003 GSX-R 750
2001-2003 GSX-R 600
2001-2002 GSX-R1000

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Step 1:
Remove gauges from the bike by removing one Phillips head screw and washer from near the bottom center of the gauge cluster.

Pull gauges toward you (as if you were sitting on the bike) out of the rubber shock mounts.

Step 2:
Pull back the rubber boot protecting the wiring harness connector.

Depress the tab that locks the connector in place and disconnect the connector from the gauges.  
Step 3:
Put gauges on a table or workbench face down and remove 5 screws shown.
Step 4:
Turn gauges over and lift off the front cover
Step 5:
Using 2 spoons, lift the needle up and out of the tachometer.
Step 6:
After the needle is out of the way, remove the 2 small screws holding the faceplate on and remove the faceplate.
Step 7:
Remove the protective film from the new faceplate as shown.
Step 8:
Align new faceplate on the gauge cluster and reinstall 2 small screws
Step 9:
Insert needle into gauges. Turn counterclockwise until you feel resistance. (Be sure not to hold it down as this will allow it to spin all the way around.)
Step 10:
Continue turning needle until it lines up with 0. If you go too far, continue all the way around again.
Step 11:
Assemble the case and reinstall the 5 screws removed in step 5.
Step 12:
Connect wiring harness to the back making sure the connector is inserted all the way and the tab is locked.

Push gauges back into rubber shock mounts and reinstall the screw and washer at the bottom center of the gauges..