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Gauge backlighting color changes. (FAQ's)

Index of gauges that can be modified

Illumiglo Faceplates

Index of available faceplates  

Yellow Box Speedometer Re-Calibrator

We are now an authorized distributor for Yellow Box Speedometer Re-calibrator.  The Yellow Box is installed in the vehicle and corrects the speedo signal
in real-time. It can be re-adjusted at any time to correct for changes in
gearing and wheel sizes.  Click HERE for more info.  

New OEM gauge clusters and parts

We can special order most gauges and parts. These gauges can be modified to your choice of colors and faceplates and mileages before they are shipped to you. Click HERE for more info.

Colored Gauge Faceplates
Now offering colored gauge faces. Have it installed for free with any backlight conversion. Check HERE for stock.

Digital Gauge Cluster Mileage Correction

We can change the mileages in your gauges to match what your bike actually has. This is useful when you buy a used set from a junkyard that doesn't match your bike or when you want to sell your gauges and have them match the mileage the buyer has on their bike.  Check HERE for more info.