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Don't want to take a big value loss on your bike just because the odometer was replaced or damaged? We can help!!

This can be done to almost all digital type gauge clusters.

Price $75 (Return shipping included by priority mail to the USA)

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What is Mileage Correction?   

Mileage correction becomes necessary when the electronic mileage display shows a mileage which you know to be incorrect. We can help by electronically correcting the instrument cluster to show the true mileage of the motorcycle.

Can this be done on aftermarket replacement parts?   

We can only increase the mileage on these gauges but they cannot be reprogrammed to a lower mileage. Non OEM gauges also cannot be reprogrammed if you are trying to convert a KM/h gauge to a MPH gauge. 

Why do I need this service?

There are many reasons why you might need this service. For example, you may have changed your gearing which results in the bike calibrating the mileage incorrectly, the gauges may have been damaged in a collision, or you may have had your gauges stolen. 

You might therefore purchase either a new or second hand instrument cluster. What happens? If it's a new one it will have 0 miles on it. If it's a second hand one it could have 30,000 miles on it. Since it is practically impossible to find one with your exact mileage, you will most likely need to have it corrected.

I put in a new motor and would like the gauges to reflect 0 miles, can you help?

This might be the most common question.....No, you cannot reset an odometer to 0 miles when you install a new motor.  An odometer is a reflection of the mileage recorded against the VIN number on the frame, not the motor. You must log the current mileage of the motor replacement and pass that information along to any potential buyers.

Can you copy the mileage out of a broken or damaged cluster?

In most cases we can extract the mileage from your gauges even if they don't power up or if the display is broken or damaged. Simply send in the gauges you would like to have copied along with the gauges you would like to have corrected. No paperwork or documentation is required for this service.

What gauges can be copied or corrected?

We can currently correct many Japanese gauges to any mileage you require. The list is too large to show on this page.

Note: We do not do any Harley Davidson odometer corrections at this time

Can you convert GSXR600 gauges into GSXR1000 gauges or vice versa?

In certain cases this is possible. For example, a 2002 GSXR600 gauge can be converted to a 2002 or 2003 GSXR1000 spec but not to 2001. There are too many combinations to list. Email us to determine if your situation is possible.

Can you convert Canadian spec gauges to U.S. spec gauges using this procedure?

Yes! A limited number of models can be converted easily. For example: doing this on the GSXR gauges will allow you to select mph or km/h by pressing the buttons on the gauges. Most Canadian gauges have km/h only and cannot be switched. This applies to the odometer as well as the speedometer.

There are many cases that we have heard where bikes are imported from Canada. In this situation, the importer needs to convert the gauges to read in mph but the bike gauges will not switch. To do this they put a speedometer recalibrator which looks like this on the speed signal and correct it to read mph.

The gauge cluster still shows "km/h" so they put a small sticker on the gauges that looks like this:

We can reprogram the gauges to US specifications so that they are switchable between mph and km/h. We will remove the sticker and you can remove the speedometer calibrator shown above and it will then be exactly like a US spec bike as far as the speedometer and odometer are concerned.

What gauges can be converted from km only to mph/km?

We can currently convert several gauges. Email us to find out if we can do yours.

I changed the motor in my bike , can you reset my gauges to 0?

Unfortunately, an odometer represents the mileage on the frame and is logged against the VIN number, Changing a motor, (or wheels ,gas tank, tires, or any other part on the frame) does not give you permission to reset your gauges to 0. You are actually required by law to record the mileage when the motor was replaced into a log file that you can pass along to the next buyer. Please do not ask us to do this , it will be denied.  Saying "I don't plan to ever sell this bike" does not change anything.

Is it legal?

It is illegal if you knowingly sell the vehicle without informing the buyer of the actual mileage.

What is required to perform this work?

We require a copy of the title or a copy of the latest registration. We also require a copy of your driver's license. If the gauge is purchased used, we need a copy of the receipt. If the gauge is replacing a stolen gauge or a gauge damaged in an accident, a copy of the police report is required. If the gauge is replacing a damaged or malfunctioning gauge, you can send the old gauge cluster for verification of the mileage.  Any other documentation to prove your actual mileage is always helpful. Vin #'s will be verified by a title check . ALL ODOMETER WORK MUST INCLUDE A

REMEMBER, You must convince us that you have a legitimate reason for this service or you will be denied. We have the right to refuse any work that we feel isn't 100% legitimate. We will report any suspicious requests to the Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation