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Delivery Times:

Almost all gauges are shipped 24-48 hours after they are received.
We ask that you allow for 2-3 days during busy times and holidays.

International orders must follow instructions or will not be accepted:
(International ordering instructions here)

Shipping Charges:

All items/services include free USPS
Priority Mail shipping within USA.

(All gauge clusters are appropriately insured)

Optional Express Mail Upgrade pricing has changed.
You must now add the Express mail surcharge from the bottom of the
page for your gauge style. Some gauges are heavier than others and the
pricing varies due to the weight of your gauge. Find your gauges Here...

(No C.O.D. orders accepted.)


We accept money orders but we are unable to accept personal checks.
If sending a money order, make it payable to ""

We can only accept credit cards through
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Use the following e-mail address for payment:

If you aren't familiar with initiating a payment, or you don't want to
sign up for an account, we can send you a payment request by email.

Ordering process:

1st, if you are ordering any service, (backlighting, illumiglo faceplate with installation, mileage correction) you must package your gauges and send them in to us. If you are ordering parts for installation by you or someone on your end let us know that you will not be sending anything and would like your order shipped as soon as it is ready. NOTE: We DO NOT sell individual backlight LED's for the end user to install.

You have 2 choices for payment. Credit card payments can only be accepted through Our email address to use for payment is If you are unfamiliar with paypal but still need to pay with a credit card, we can send you a "paypal request for payment" by email which you only need to follow the steps. You can pay at any time before the gauges are sent back. If we get your order with no payment, we will assume you want to pay through paypal and send a payment request. The other option is to include a money order in the box with your gauges. You can purchase a postal money order at any post office. Make money orders payable to  "BLUEGAUGES.COM" and send along with your gauge cluster to:

3840 E. Robinson Rd.   #203
Amherst, NY 14228

Please remember to include:

  • A note with specific instructions on how you want your gauges done.

  • Clearly written return shipping address. (preferably typed so we make no mistakes)

  • E-Mail address.

  • Phone number

  • A copy of the paypal receipt if you choose to pay with paypal - or a money order made out to ""

  • Be sure to put appropriate insurance on the package as I am not responsible for lost mail. (For Priority Mail $400 insurance is only an extra $5)

  • Please DO NOT send stamps for return postage, DO NOT send return labels (prepaid or otherwise) without letting us know ahead of time, and DO NOT send mailing labels, we do not use them.

Our address is at a UPS store so your packages will remain safe. DO NOT ship to us for early morning delivery because there is no benefit as we don't pick up the packages until late afternoon anyway. There is also no need for authorization numbers or work order numbers or anything like that. We are informed by paypal as soon as a payment is made and when we get this info, we print out your payment, and match it up with your package when it comes in. All work is performed within 48 hours unless there is a problem. (unclear order, no return address, out of stock items, etc). When work is completed, we prepare the shipping label with the US postal service. They will email you a confirmation saying that the package is on its way along with tracking info.

If shipping from outside the USA please read more info here.