Installation Instructions

For Mototeck faceplates on the following GSX-R gauges:

2000 GSX-R 750
2001 GSX-R 600/750/1000
2002 GSX-R 600/750/1000
2003 GSX-R 600/750


Step 1:

Remove gauges from the bike by removing one Phillips head screw and washer from near the bottom center of the gauge cluster.

Step 2:

Pull gauges toward you (as if you were sitting on the bike) out of the rubber shock mounts

Step 3:

Pull back the rubber boot protecting the wiring harness connector.

Step 4:

Depress the tab that locks the connector in place and disconnect the connector from the gauges.

Step 5:

Put gauges on a table or workbench face down and remove 5 screws shown.

Step 6:

Turn gauges over and lift off the front cover

Step 7:

Using 2 spoons, lift the needle up and out of the tachometer.

Step 8:

After the needle is out of the way, remove the 2 small screws holding the faceplate on and remove the faceplate.

Step 9:

Remove the protective film from the new faceplate as shown.

Step 10:

Align new faceplate on the gauge cluster and reinstall 2 small screws

Step 11:

Insert needle into gauges. Turn counterclockwise until you feel resistance. (Be sure not to hold it down as this will allow it to spin all the way around.)

Step 12:

Continue turning needle until it lines up with 0. If you go too far, continue all the way around again.

Step 13:

Assemble the case and reinstall the 5 screws removed in step 5.

Step 14:

Connect wiring harness to the back making sure the connector is inserted all the way and the tab is locked.


Step 15:

Push gauges back into rubber shock mounts and reinstall the screw and washer at the bottom center of the gauges.