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I have been getting many emails asking if we are still in business during these difficult times....Yes we are. ( I realize the website is in need of some work)

 Your packages will not be sitting on a loading dock indefinitely, and will be safely received when you send them in. I can also provide an alternate address to help expedite your order. Just send an email to and i will respond with my secondary address

Have you seen us in a publication that we are unaware of?
Let us know and get $50 towards your order.

News Article: Blue light improves alertness! (More...)

News Article: Why does so much tech gear suddenly glow blue? (More...)

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

On more than one occasion others have tried to imitate us and our work by effectively "stealing" our images. They pass our pictures off to their potential customers who then think they can get the same level of quality and expertise. We aren't saying that their work is bad, only that we don't feel it is right for others to use our pictures to demonstrate their work. We do believe that healthy competition is good for business and for the consumer. It is our competition and our desire to be the best that drives us to continuously offer new products and services along with the best warranty in the business.

If you are thinking of having the work done elsewhere, be sure to look at their pictures very closely.....Chances are they are truly the work of..... WWW.BLUEGAUGES.COM

We are so confident in our work that all
backlighting and faceplate installations include a
lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

to American Iron for mentioning us
in the Spring 2010 issue (pg.67).


to 2 Wheel Tuner for mentioning us
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to Super Streetbike for mentioning us
in the May 2006 issue. (pg. 81)

(Even if they misspelled our name)
to the UK's Performance Bikes magazine for
featuring our website in the new products section
of their April 2004 issue. (pg. 118)

to the new Super Streetbike magazine for
featuring our website in "THE GOODS" section
of the Fall 2003 issue. (pg. 72)

to Motor Cyclist magazine for featuring our
website in "GEAR BOX" section of the
December 2003 issue. (pg. 75)


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