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ZX-6R (2003-2006)
ZX-6RR (2003-2006)
Z1000 (2003-2006)
Z750S (2005-2006)

2005 ZX-6R
03-06 Z1000



All White ($65)

White tach and blue speedo. ($65)

White tach and blue speedo
with red redline. ($65)

All blue with red for redline ($65)


All blue ($65)


Red tach and blue speedo. ($65)

Blue/White/Red tach and
blue Speedo.($65)

Blue/Red tach and
blue Speedo. ($65)

2003-2004 ZX-6R
(Factory Original Color)

All blue-green lighting ($65)

All green ($65)

White tach, green LCD ($65)

Green tach, blue LCD ($65)

All green with red redline ($65)


All Orange ($65)


All red ($65)

Red tach and blue speedo. ($65)







  • We have tested several LED's for brightness and believe to have found the best available. Send the gauges to us and be sure you have the brightest LED's around. You probably won't find equal LED's without a huge minimum purchase.
  • Lifetime warranty on all backlighting for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • Military quality soldering
  • No risk of damaging your gauge cluster
  • Your choice of colors.
  • Colors can be combined for different effects. (This gauge has minor color bleeding in the corners of the speedo on multicolor combinations that cannot be prevented. Please look closely at the pictures above. Some color combinations are worse than others.)
  • Prices include return shipping within USA via Priority Mail.
  • Additional Info:
    • Gauge removal instructions.
    • ZX-6R Gauge wiring diagram
    • Z1000 Gauge wiring diagram
    • On US spec gauges:
      • To change from km/h to mph, press and hold the mode button, then repeatedly press the reset button until your desired choices are displayed. There are 4 choices to choose from.
        (C and mph, F and mph, C and km/h, F and km/h)
      • (Following info may not be exactly accurate - please help if we made a mistake)
        04-05 ZX-10R Redline = 13-14.5k  (Grey faceplate stock)
        03-04 ZX-6R Redline = 15.5-17.5k (White faceplate stock)
        05-06 ZX-6R Redline = 15.5k-17.5k (White/Grey faceplate stock)
        03-06 ZX-6RR Redline = 16.5-17.5k
        03-06 Z1000 Redline = 11-12.5k  (Red faceplate stock)
        04-06 Z750 Redline = 11.5-13k (Red faceplate stock)
    • Canadian Spec gauges:
      • Shows only C and km/h. We can program these to US spec gauges which are switchable, but MPH is default setting when first plugged in.
    • Top indicated speed = 189 mph or 299 km/h

Note: This is a service, you must package and ship the gauge cluster to us to have this done. A "D-I-Y kit" is not available. (See FAQ Page for more.)

All prices in US$ and include return shipping
to USA via Priority Mail. (
Ordering Details)

Custom Combos Available!
If you have a special request, request a quote.

Other options:

High Beam Indicator
Select color

Turn Signal Indicator
Select color

Low Fuel Indicator
$5.00 (Stock=Yellow)
Select color

Shift Light Indicator
Select color

FI Indicator
Select color

Oil Indicator
Select color

Neutral Indicator
Select color
Programming / Mileage Correction Available!

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Illumiglo Faceplates Available!

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Express Mail Shipping Upgrade

(Priority mail return shipping is included in the price. This option is only if you want it shipped faster.)

$25.00 (Usually overnight)