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Honda CBR1000RR


All White Lighting



All Blue Lighting

All Blue-Green


All Green


All Orange


Stock Yellow
(Factory Original Color)
(Picture shows 2004-2005 model)


All Red Lighting


All prices include return shipping by priority mail
(express mail is optional) and "Plug & Play" installation of the
faceplate directly onto the circuit board inside the gauge.

White Standard and Reverse Illumiglo Faceplates:


(Picture shows 2004-2005 model)
All white backlighting with a
"reverse" style illumiglo faceplate.
(Click for daytime photo)



(Picture shows 2004-2005 model)
All red backlighting with a
"reverse" style illumiglo faceplate.
(Click for daytime photo)


(Picture shows 2004-2005 model)
All blue backlighting with a
"reverse" style illumiglo faceplate.
(Click for daytime photo)


Daytime photo of white standard and reverse style illumiglo faceplates.

There are some CBR1000RR gauges that have a slightly different design. If your gauge has 2 screws or does not have a needle stop pin as shown in this link, this faceplate will not be a direct replacement.
It can still be used though and we can make the holes for the screws if necessary but it will still have a hole where the needle would be if the gauges had one. Also, if your gauges have a HISS indicator we can modify the gauges to allow the indicator to show through but there will be no "H.I.S.S." text.

Colored Illumiglo Faceplates:







  • We have tested several LED's for brightness and believe to have found the best available. Send the gauges to us and be sure you have the brightest LED's around. You probably won't find brighter LED's without a huge minimum purchase.
  • Lifetime warranty on all backlighting for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • Lifetime warranty on faceplates (If we do the installation only).
  • No risk of damaging your gauge cluster.
  • Your choice of colors.
  • Colors can be combined for different effects.
  • There is a recall on this gauge by Honda....Click HERE for more info.
  • Gauge removal instructions.
  • Other Info:
    • 2006/2007 gauges redline at 12.25 - 14K
    • 2006/2007 gauges are interchangeable.
    • Calibrations:
      • Tachometer: 100Hz = 3000RPM
      • Speedometer: 1KHz = 60 MPH
    • To set the "REV" light function press and hold "SEL", then turn the bike on.
      • Release the "SEL" button and press the "RESET" button repeatedly until the needle is at the desired rpm for the shift light to activate. (anywhere from 4k-12k)
      • After desired RPM is chosen, press "SEL" once
      • Repeatedly press "RESET" and choose from the following:
        • Fast flash - high brightness
        • Fast flash - medium brightness
        • Fast flash - low brightness
        • Slow flash - high brightness
        • Slow flash - medium brightness
        • Slow flash - low brightness
        • Solid light - high brightness
        • Solid light - medium brightness
        • Solid light - low brightness
      • After desired REV function is selected, press "SEL" to finish
    • To switch KM to MPH or MPH to KM
      • Press and hold "SEL"
      • Then press and hold "RESET" so that you are holding both buttons in. (clock hour will flash)
      • Release both buttons.
      • Press "RESET" repeatedly to adjust hour
      • press "SEL"
      • Press "RESET" repeatedly to adjust minutes
      • press "SEL"
      • Press "RESET" to switch mph / km/h
      • Press "SEL"  (If gauges read in KM by default, the process is complete at this point)
      • Press "RESET" to switch temp to read in "F" or "C"
      • Press "SEL"  to finish.

Note: This is a service only, you must package and ship the gauge cluster to us
to have this done. A "D-I-Y kit" is not available. (See FAQ Page for more.)

All prices in US$ and include return shipping
to USA via Priority Mail. (
Ordering Details)

Custom Combos Available!
If you have a special request, request a quote.

Additional options:

Custom High Beam Indicator
$5.00 (Stock=Blue)
Select color

Custom Oil/Temp Indicator
$5.00 (Stock=Red)
Select color

Custom Turn Signal Indicators
$10.00 (Stock=Yellow)
Select color

Custom Neutral Indicator
$5.00 (Stock=Green)
Select color

Custom Low Fuel Indicator
$5.00 (Stock=Yellow)
Select color

Custom REV Indicator
$5.00 (Stock=Yellow)
Select color
Illumiglo Faceplates Available!

View illumiglo faceplates

Express Mail Shipping Upgrade

(Priority mail return shipping is included in the price.
This option is only if you want it shipped faster.)

$25.00 (Usually overnight)