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Installation Instructions
For Illumiglo faceplates on the 03-06 CBR600RR

Step 1:

Remove 8 case screws

Step 2:

Disassemble cluster and remove 2 screws from faceplate

Step 3:

Turn needle to point towards top of gauges.

Step 4:

Prepare faceplate by tearing off half of the backing (to keep it from sticking during installation)

Step 5:

Slide faceplate
over needle

Step 6:

Align faceplate with original faceplate and fasten in place

Step 7:

Remove the 2nd half of backing not removed in step 4

Step 8:

Fasten top half of faceplate to original faceplate and re-install 2 screws (do not over tighten)

Step 9:

Re-assemble case and route the wire out the rear of the gauge cluster:

Step 10:

Install 8 screws removed in step 1 making sure not to pinch the wires.


Step 11:

Route the wires and connect to transformer which is connected to power from the bike. Red should be connected to a switched +12v supply and white should be connected to ground.

Note: We can install these for you free if you send in your gauges when ordering the faceplate. We will install the transformer wiring directly onto the circuit board inside the gauges so that all you need to do is plug them in and go riding. This will also qualify you for a lifetime warranty on the faceplate itself.