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2006 ZX-10R
Gauge installation / removal instructions

Note: It may be possible to remove the gauges simply by
removing the windscreen (Step 3) and then removing the
gauges (Step 6) if you have the right tools.

Instructions: Images:
1. Remove lower fairings:
(Top photo)
1. Pull up the core [A] by the thin blade driver [B].

(Bottom photo)
2. Remove quick rivets [A].
3. Remove bolts [B] with washers.
4. Remove screws [C].
5. Separate the right lower fairing [D] from the left lower fairing.
6. Clear the hook portion and projection [E] from the slots.
7. Remove the right lower fairing.

2. Remove upper inner fairings:
1. Remove the bolts [A] with washers.
2. Remove the upper inner fairing [B].

3. Remove windshield:
1. Remove bolts [A] and washers.
2. Remove windshield [B].

4. Remove middle fairings:
(Top Photo)
1. Remove bolts [A] with washers.
2. Remove quick rivets [B].
3. Disconnect the right turn signal lead connector.
4. Clear the hook portions [D] from the slots by pulling the middle fairing backward.
5. Remove the right middle fairing [C].

(Bottom Photo)
1. Disconnect the left turn signal lead connector [A].
2. Clear the left switch housing lead and ignition switch lead from the clamp [B].

5. Remove upper fairing
(Top Photo)
1. Remove bolts [A].
2. Remove meter lead connector [B].

(Bottom Photo)
3. Disconnect the headlight lead connectors [A] and city light lead connectors [B] (Left and Right)
4. Remove the upper fairing by pulling out forward.

6. Remove gauges
1. Remove screws [A] with washers.